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Steven Bick, ACF CF is consulting forester and principal in Northeast Forests, LLC.   Landowners, investors, researchers, educators and public officials come to him for informed advice on family forests, timber sales, stumpage appraisal, income & property taxes, conservation planning, third-party certification and conservation easement design & negotiations.  Bick has extensive teaching experience, offering workshops for landowners and forest enterprises alike.


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   Phone: (315) 369-8007          Fax: (206) 312-0147        Mailing Address: P.O. Box 284, Thendara, NY  13472 


NEW: A Biomass Demonstration Guide for Northern Loggers.    Video, photos and articles are included.  Click on the cover to go to the download site.
Planning & Analysis in Timber Harvesting – Spreadsheet Utility and Instruction Manual.   Click on the cover to download your free copy. 
Excel spreadsheets are embedded in  the PDF document:
NEW: Download a PDF of the Adirondack Forest Owner's Manual
Adirondack Forest Owner's Manual (14.7 MB)
HAB – Harvesting and Biomass  - This demonstration project will describe woody biomass harvesting methods and provide vivid case studies of loggers who have built their businesses around it.  If you know of an exemplary harvesting operation that should be included, please contact us. 
Forest Enterprise Resource Project Follow this link to visit the home page of FERP and download useful resources.
Products & Publications:
Timber Tools The most user-friendly and inexpensive timber cruising software on the market.  It can be purchased from Forestry Suppliers catalog.
     Forest Enterprises of the Adirondacks - This book was published by the non-profit Forest Enterprise Institute
.   The book profiles eight different logging
and sawmill business in the Adirondacks of New York State. Packed with over 200 photos, this book illustrates and describes the challenging work and
lives of loggers. The importance of timber harvesting and processing in the contemporary working landscape is shown in vivid detail.  book can be
purchased on Amazon   and in a variety of local bookstores.
The Hardwood Log Desktop Reference Book This book is in pdf format and can be downloaded free on this site in the Forest Enterprise Resource Project  section.
Adirondack Forest Owner’s Manual - This book was published by the non-profit Forest Enterprise Institute.  It contains essential information on forest ownership, management plans, silviculture, management plans, forest products, timber sales, timber theft, conservation easements and resources available to forest owner’s in the Adirondacks.  The book can be purchased on Amazon.   and in a variety of local bookstores.
The Landowner's Guide to Conservation Easements  - This book, authored by Steve Bick and Harry Haney, is a must for landowners who are considering or designing conservation easements for their land.  It's available through Amazon.  


Timber Measurements: A Practical Guide for Working in the Woods In this book, Steve Bick describes forest measurement procedures in straightforward language for those who make a living buying and selling timber. It is suitable for use as an educational text in technical schools.   The book was published by the Northeastern Loggers’ Association and is available through them.
Northern Tree, Timber and Woody Biomass Volume Tables – An essential companion to the timber measurements book, this is a great collection of tried and true volume tables, supplemented by new material and many shortcut timber volume tables.  
Forest Landowner Owner Information Kit - This is one of the most comprehensive set of free publications ever assembled for forest owners.  Landowners from all over the northeast will find many of these publications useful and informative.  The book was published by the Northeastern Loggers’ Association and is available through them.
        More Free Downloads:
Log Rule Tools - This MS Excel-based utility allows you to quickly calculate log volumes in Doyle, Scribner,  International, Maine, Roy, Vermont and Custom log rules simultaneously. Compare prices between rules.  Log Rule Tools includes a demo of our timber cruising software - Timber Tools.

Guidelines for Management of Private Non-Industrial Forests in the Adirondacks – This free 36 page publication is essential reading if you own land in or near the Adirondacks.